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The Agile Manifesto – A Practical Look

The Agile manifesto started an entire industry. It has even been the focus of numerous “religious” debates and arguments. However, it has a lot of wisdom within it that is often overlooked. The main ideas are as relevant today as they were when it was first crafted. Therefore, it is worth our time to review some of these wise nuggets and consider applying them throughout our software development efforts.

The Danger Of Almost Complete Software

It is hard to keep up with the number of times I have worked into a phase of “almost complete software.” We often see this as a marker or milestone that tells us a little push is all that is left. However, that is rarely the case. It seems like the end of the implementation phase is a trigger for this lofty status. We all fall for it. Our product implementation is approaching a final milestone and extend that to …

Sticking To The Plan – Completing A Project

One of the most frustrating situations in software development is when one side decides to “change the rules.” There have been examples on both sides of the equation that I have seen ultimately derail a project right before completing a project. We even do it to ourselves at times. I hope that listing a few common mistakes will help you identify and avoid them in the future. It may bring world peace a step closer. The Nickel And Dime There …