Technology Should Make Our Lives Better, This Is How…

Information Technology (IT) is complex and moves fast. You have a business to run. We help you apply the latest established technologies to your business problems and provide a step up over the competition. Some of the questions we help you answer include the following:

Leverage Our Experience To Make Your Vision A Reality

RB Consulting, Inc. aims to help you plan and design a cost-effective solution to your business problems.  To do so, we use our experience, including custom solutions for various industries.  These applications have been built for very small up to Fortune 500 companies across several lines of business.

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The RB Consulting Approach

We start with a solid foundation.  That foundation is achieved through interviews about how you work and what you need to be better, faster, and cheaper.  Then we use our experience to offer reliable solutions.  Our approach is built on industry standards and best practices.  Each project plan and team is custom designed to your needs and budget, focusing on crafting the best solution within the constraints you provide.  Our goal is to see you succeed beyond your expectations.

business solutions

We provide custom software development and maintenance for large or small companies.  However, in all cases, our approach is to start small and manageable during requirements gathering and design.  Once the scope has been defined, we build a team designed to develop your vision efficiently.  Moreover, we have developed an extensive network of vendors to assist with projects as needed.  Thus, we can help you choose the right team without restricting the team to our resources.  This approach helps you go into a project confident that you have the right team for the project and your budget. Your success is our goal.  We believe that is the only way to earn your business properly.


Our Niche: We solve problems first and foremost. Then we select the best approach and tools for the job.

tools for the job

Our approach is not tied to a single technology or stack.  Instead, we leverage our experience to match your needs rather than jam your needs into a particular stack.  This also makes it easy for us to work with the tools you already know and have invested in.  Thus, we meet you where your IT lives rather than ask you to accept a specific technology and solution.  Our focus at RB Consulting, Inc. for every customer is to help them stretch their IT dollar with best-fit solutions.  Then we implement it in a way that prepares our customers for future growth by keeping an eye on scalability and maintainability.