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RB Consulting, Inc.

About Us

Our team of developers is hand-picked from the best we encounter. They often start with us straight out of school or in the first year or two when they are skilled, hungry, and ready to be mentored. That allows us to bring them into our culture and help them advance far quicker than they would in most companies. We are not investing in them as an employee but as a person. This approach helps us to bring along developers early in their careers in a way that rewards them greatly while also providing a bargain for our customers. We do not look for the cheapest resources. Instead, our team works closely to solve complex problems in a way that also keeps each member growing toward the best they can be. 

The team has been through several projects and is intentionally kept current in modern technology while being pushed to learn more and add more solutions to their toolbox. Our goal is to provide teams that can address our customers’ problems in a way that also fits their budget. 

Rob is a seasoned software developer and technology professional. His background includes over 30 years of design, development, and solution creation. It contains various enterprise systems on multiple system architectures and platforms to custom solutions for small businesses. His roles have included staff developer, director of development, architect, database administrator, and many others.

He founded RB Consulting in 2001 as a software development and implementation company. However, after witnessing many poorly planned and designed projects, he altered the business focus. Thus, the primary focus is helping customers create well-designed project plans and navigate the vast sea of technology. This includes building teams/departments or turn-key solutions to address needs today and in the future. There is also a software development wing of the company and implementation consulting. We aim to help our customers find the best solutions for their business problems and avoid cost overruns that seem to plague IT projects. That goal was vital in writing the project planning e-book. Please send us an email for your free hard copy.

Rob received his MBA (with a concentration in e-Business) at the University of Phoenix. He also holds a BS in Computer Science from the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He has written and published a semi-biographical book, e-books, and a book on software development careers. Similarly, as a podcaster (The Building Better Developers/Develpreneur podcast), a regular contributor to Develpreneur, and a blogger on this site, he contributes content regularly. You can see more about his podcast hosting and guesting here or do an Internet search for Rob Broadhead. Likewise, You can send us any questions about your IT challenges for suggestions to help you over the hump. He enjoys talking off-topic and is always ready to get lost in conversations about ice hockey, ballroom dancing, music, or his experiences raising strong-willed children. 

Rob has been a guest on several podcasts and talks on various topics. You can hear him in action in these episodes: