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Past Projects

We have worked on many projects over the years. However, here are some to provide a feel for the wide range of work we have done. Each project has a rough size description (small, medium, large). Then we include a few general details about the project. Of course, you can contact us for more information on any of these.


Past Projects Notes

The projects listed below is not a comprehensive list.  We also can provide more detail for specific solutions we have created or worked on.  When in doubt, contact us with any questions you have or if you would like more information about any specific past projects.

API Upgrades and Enhancements [Medium]

Python was the primary language used for this project as an existing API was taken over and extended to proivde a backend for a mobile application.  This project included troubleshooting and updating the AWS system and Jenkins build processes.  While the bulk of the work was for building new services and enhanced features there was also a backlog of testing and documentation that was addressed.

IT Assessment, Staff Assessment, IT Director Transition [Medium]

The initial goal of this project was to assess the IT infrastruture and staff for a non-profit.  They have a few hundred employees spread across the globe and provide financial services along with general content and direction for the districts.  The assessment grew into assisting the organization find a new IT director (answered to CFO) and transition projects over to the new staff member.  Once the transition was complete there was on-going consulting provided to help with organizational direction and to augment their need for IT research and guidance.

Product Development/General IT Consulting [Medium]

This project was for an e-commerce company. There was a broad range of work done for this client over an extended period. The work included the creation of an RFP for multiple projects. The focus was to assist with vendor selection and project management. Consequently, there were also several recommendations researched and presented.  These covered topics such as  technologies, solutions, and enhancements.

Counseling Website and Business Consulting [Small]

The initial project was to create a website. The focus quickly morphed into a business consultation that included the website creation (WordPress blog and pages). It included branding and SEO considerations. However, we are still working on steady improvements to the site and refining the business approach for the site.

Job Search Crawler [ Small]

This project focused on crawling roughly two dozen sites for job posting information. The primary solution included Scrapy with a little bit of Portia involved. Each posting site had different fields to scrape and various formats. The scraping also required some complex login and javascript navigation to retrieve the desired data. The results were provided in XML and CSV format. that was then imported into a local database.

Boutique Website Umbrella/Investment Company [Large]

Java and Dot NET e-commerce applications for a variety of niche markets. The work included architectural design, requirements gathering, technical support, document creation for internal and external users. There were also a variety of other technical tasks required to build, maintain and update the roughly half dozen sites. A move to responsive design was part of the enhancements on a couple of the sites.

Convert a virtual company into a software development company [ Large ]

This project/role involved the core business of a software company. The primary goal was to bring an outsourced Java web application (two products) in-house. This included creating a build process, a development team (with QA), and documenting the system. We also took other steps needed to go from virtual to a software company.

The project resulted in developing a full software development team over a period of 18 months.  We also simplified a hodgepodge of technologies and approaches. The result was a Java Spring application that used Postgres for the database and Jasper for Reporting.  This reduced the libraries and complexity of the overall system. We also re-architected the applications to a more efficient design.

Product Development/Design/Create an RFP for a Start-up [Small]

This project started with an owner that had built a couple of applications through outsourcing. He desired to create a new application but needed better success from his developers. We helped him define requirements and put together an RFP that resulted in a better set of responses. The customer found a great developer for the new application. Thus, the relationship with RB Consulting has continued with us serving as a form of check and balance with his developer. This approach has resulted in a smoother development process and progress to production deployment.

Rescue a failing project [ Medium ]

This started with assessing an existing Java web application for viability and creating a plan to reboot the project. The goal was to find an outsourced developer or team. We then managed them to ensure project success. We had gotten to know the customer as a resource to fix a few bugs and help finish a project. However, this grew into a rewrite as we found key flaws in the original architecture and approach. The reboot involved a new design, a new architecture, a new platform. It resulted in creating an RFP to find the best resource for the project.

Coding and Research/Proof-of-Concept creation for a logistics company [Medium]

The bulk of the work for this client was PHP and MySQL development with a small existing team and offshore groups. The work included new feature scoping and implementation. Later releases tackled performance tuning, bug fixing, and general maintenance. Other projects along the way included research into many APIs and building integration, social network integrations, and communication frameworks like WebRTC.

Turnkey solution for contractors [ Medium ]

Design and implementation of a C# application aimed at the medium to large construction contracting companies. The requirements were for a complete back office system. This included requirements gathering through customer interviews and planning discussions.  Utilized MS MSQL Server for the back end.

This project was designed from the start to be one that we handed off to the project owner. They would enhance and build the application. Therefore, they used their skills and resources rather than continue to utilize us. This reduced cost and ensured they had complete control and ownership of their project.

Design and Order Application for Custom Wedding Invitations [Small]

This project started with very basic requirements. We created a demo/beta PHP web application.  The application allowed a customer to customize a wedding invitation and see what it would look like as they made adjustments.  The process fed into a shopping cart/order page that utilized authorize.net for payment processing.

C# Windows Application [ Small ]

A member management application that was written in C# using SQL Server. Converted from an Access application. This only has 5-10 reports. The customer was a non-profit and the support of the application lasted for several years. That support included some maintenance and enhancements. Outside of general member and contact management, this application was used to track events, tickets sold, and attendees.

C# Windows Application [ Large ]

Conversion from an Access DB to MySQL including report upgrades. The 100+ reports in Access were intelligently combined to reduce the number of reports to less than 50. A relational database was used to reduce response times and ease data entry issues.

This application had a large number of screens to support data entry and maintenance for a member database.  The members had several classifications. It included ticket management for annual events as well as several tiers of dues calculations.  This engagement included on-going maintenance and enhancements for nearly fifteen years.

Online course delivery Application [ Large ]

PHP application using MySQL that delivers online education to thousands of students across hundreds of campuses.  This work included new feature design and implementation, product development, and maintenance.  There was also some customer interaction as a sort of tier two customer support role as needed (there was no tier three).

Social Networking Site [ Medium ]

Built requirements, designed, implemented, and tested a new social networking site. The platform was PHP and MySQL on Amazon AWS.  There were a few versions of this created through an Alpha period. The site never fully launched and instead was a moderately functional proof-of-concept that was used to shop for investors.

Design and implementation of a Django-based social networking website that includes Flex.  Flex and general Javascript were used to integrate with Google Map’s Flash control. MySQL was used for the database. This site launched and had a small user base as part of looking for more funding and building an audience. Development was always on new features and enhancements.

Smart Client and Service [ Small ]

This project included design, requirements, and implementation of a product. The solution used a C# front-end and PHP back-end for providing a “smart client.” It kept local and web server data in sync in an environment that is not always connected. The primary target customer for this application is insurance assessors for homes and businesses, so they have a way to quickly note information about an assessment and include the required pictures.  Our focus was on the client and solving the problem of handling the data communication when it had to smoothly transition between connected and disconnected states.

Auction/Affiliate Bidding Site [Small]

This project included the entire life cycle of the solution. The primary goal was to gather potential leads for lenders and supply them to the highest bidder. This was a real-time system that used API calls to provide enough information for the sites to place a bid.  The bids were gathered and either the data was sent to the winner or the data was stored for later attempts.  This was made more complicated by the fact that bidders could change their mind between the bid and selecting the winner so we had to potentially shift to second place winners in some cases.

IT Assessment for a Non-Profit [Small]

This project was an assessment of the IT department, systems, and roadmap for a non-profit that provided financial services. The assessment included a review of security, current system architectures, the team, and all other aspects of IT.  A presentation was created that provided an overview of where they were, what their future goals implied, and a punch list of changes, adjustments, and improvements/additions.  The engagement lead to some additional work and helped prepare the company for a big push in growth while stabilizing their systems.

Conversion of a small business vendor site from PHP using simple email forms to a Java application with a relational database on the back end. The initial solution had a lengthy data entry process that passed data to each and eventually e-mailed the input to the customer. This had numerous memory and timeout related issues. The new solution included data validation upgrades and a redesign to conform with standards.  The new design also reduced the maintenance overhead. The target market was families and nannies that needed to connect. On the back end, the nannies were validated/verified. Thus, this site served as a vetting service as well as a way to connect.

WordPress Data from API [ Small ]

This customer was a web design firm focused on catalog sites. They had a client that wanted to provide near real-time data through an API. We were enlisted to build out the back-end system and integrate into a WordPress database. There was a graphic designer that assisted us with the layout, but the rest of the solution was up to us. We turned out a couple of catalogs for them with a framework built that made successive catalogs easier to implement.

Create a Mobile Patient Care Application [Medium]

The customer for this project was a physical therapist that was building a small practice. They wanted to create a solution that would potentially be sold to similar customers in the future. The solution required a mobile (tablet) based application that could handle patient notes, evaluations, send reports, and scheduling (with reminders). They also wanted daily schedule reports mailed out and PDF reports that matched standard documentation they had to fill out. We provided an iOS solution that used an API to share data with a central database (it supported disconnected sync as well). The reports were generated out of the server and used a PDF library to build PDF reports on the fly.

This was another project where the existing system was a combination of Access with some Excel spreadsheets. The goal was to simplify, modernize, and bring the solution to the web. A Java application using Postgres and the Maverick framework was created. This was a complete solution with regression testing, dozens of reports, and a database of around seventy-five tables (about one-third were lookup and cross-reference tables).

A customer was launching into Java from the ASP world and wanted training created and presented to their staff. The resulting materials were roughly twenty hours of training as a Java crash course.  It was presented in a classroom environment to approximately ten students over the span of a week. The topics included Java basics and syntax as a quick introduction then over half of the time was spent on object-oriented principles, patterns, and real-world examples that tied to the company’s data and systems.

OSHA Management and Delivery [Large]

This project was a Java and Postgres application that used the Maverick framework. The system brought in sales feeds from large customers (IBM, BP, etc.) and then used that information with a repository to determine what OSHA documents had to be sent to each site. It would send the required documents via email to sites to ensure they were up to date with the latest requirements.

On Demand Development and Design Consulting [Multiple Small]

This work was done for a company that had several projects it was working on, but no real resources to get the work done. We were brought in to help the process once a sale had been made. This included design, requirements gathering, demos, and implementation. Over the course of about six months, five clients were included in this arrangement. The clients ranged from a medical catalog to a book publisher to a social networking website.

Design and detailed specification of multiple sites including a social networking site, a document management/inventory management application and an elaborate catalog generation and administration application.

This encapsulates several projects for different customers where our skills in design and requirement definition proved to be instrumental in projects that were successfully launched. In some cases were successfully killed before a lot of money was sunk into them due to lack of product viability that would not typically have been determined until much later in the project cycle.