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The Agile Manifesto – A Practical Look

The Agile manifesto started an entire industry. It has even been the focus of numerous “religious” debates and arguments. However, it has a lot of wisdom within it that is often overlooked. The main ideas are as relevant today as they were when it was first crafted. Therefore, it is worth our time to review some of these wise nuggets and consider applying them throughout our software development efforts.

Finding A Good Scrum Master

It is hard to believe many readers have not heard of the Agile approach to development.  This methodology is a hot approach, and all of the players are in demand.  Of these roles, the most in-demand appears to be the scrum master.  The challenge in filling this role is often figuring out what sort of skills are best for it.  Is it a technical role? A manager? An analyst?  Let’s look at what the responsibilities are and then the skills a good …