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The Value Of Demos and Walk-Throughs

One of the most challenging facets of building software is determining where to spend our time. Demos and walk-throughs are one of those areas that can be overlooked in the chase to save time. However, they are essential in communicating progress and gathering feedback. These require time and attention from everyone on the team, so let’s look at ways to ensure we get the most out of this investment. Demos and Walk-Throughs Are Not Optional We can start by agreeing …

The Agile Manifesto – A Practical Look

The Agile manifesto started an entire industry. It has even been the focus of numerous “religious” debates and arguments. However, it has a lot of wisdom within it that is often overlooked. The main ideas are as relevant today as they were when it was first crafted. Therefore, it is worth our time to review some of these wise nuggets and consider applying them throughout our software development efforts.