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The Agile Manifesto – A Practical Look

The Agile manifesto started an entire industry. It has even been the focus of numerous “religious” debates and arguments. However, it has a lot of wisdom within it that is often overlooked. The main ideas are as relevant today as they were when it was first crafted. Therefore, it is worth our time to review some of these wise nuggets and consider applying them throughout our software development efforts.

User Experience Should Always Be High Priority

The User Experience aspect of applications is often on my mind. I am not a designer, but even the most simple solutions can be rendered unusable when one ignores UX.  A recent experience with a front-end to a web app. Reminded me of how bad it can be for a user.  My frustration ran high, and I would have walked away never to view the application again if I had the chance.  Likewise, I will complain to anyone who will …

Getting Started With a Solution Architecture

One of the first questions asked as I start or join a software project is what I think about the solution architecture. This question may either be an attempt to have the current architecture assessed or a first step in building the application. The answer can often be frustrating to the listener as it always begins with a question. Furthermore, there are questions that follow that first one. That does not mean there is no “template” for architecting a solution. …