A mentoring presentation on creating an effective RFP process and documents. (AKA RFP tutorial)

I decided to go over lessons learned from my experience with several RFP projects over the last few years.  I learned a lot from an excellent mentor and have added my own touches to create a process and documents that have been highly effective in a broad range of situations.  This provides a form of RFP tutorial that is highly recommended for anyone going through one for the first time.

You can find it here: https://youtu.be/dx8vlSoUXs0

Back To Basics – Getting A Project Back On Track

When you listen to a professional or college sports team discuss a bad stretch, they often mention that they will get back to basics.  These statements are not a knock on the players.  They understand the basics.  It is instead a focus on doing the things that have to be done.  It is a return to their foundation so they can simplify and then work on building again.  This approach happens to work well for software projects as well. Spinning Out …