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Incremental vs. All-in Change and Enhancement Strategies

Sooner or later we have to consider how to change our systems.  This situation can come from growth in business, changes in technology (or requirements), or systems that have aged poorly.  When we reach the point of deciding on a move we often have to decide on the incremental vs. all-in approach to achieve our goal.  There are times when one choice or the other is obvious.  However, I have found that we almost always have both of these options available.  …

Making the Most of The Implementation Phase

The amount of time spent on each step of the software development life cycle varies from project to project.  However, the implementation phase is always the most significant portion.  That means this is the area where projects can fail or succeed.  We can ace all of the other steps in the life cycle, and a mediocre implementation will wipe out all that good work. Balance The Effort In my experience, the most impact during implementation is to try for a …

A mentoring presentation on creating an effective RFP process and documents. (AKA RFP tutorial)

I decided to go over lessons learned from my experience with several RFP projects over the last few years.  I learned a lot from an excellent mentor and have added my own touches to create a process and documents that have been highly effective in a broad range of situations.  This provides a form of RFP tutorial that is highly recommended for anyone going through one for the first time.

You can find it here: