Technology works best when it is focused on business solutions
RB Consulting, Inc.

Training And Team Building

RB Consulting provides training and team building for clients that want to own their solutions.  We know that it is uncomfortable to have someone else hold the “keys to the kingdom.”  Likewise, when you outsource your entire IT solution, this is a danger.  Thus, we ease your fears by helping you build your team or train your current staff.

Total Project Outsourcing

That being said, it is best to outsource your headaches when you can. When you do, choose someone you can trust.  We recommend this for “one and done” or proof-of-concept projects.  In these projects, we work with you to gather requirements, build a team, and produce a solution that Total project outsourcingmeets your needs and budget.

IT projects work best when they use the right resources at the right time.  Our approach provides high-quality development at the lowest cost.  We accomplish this through a mix of best-fit IT staff, from architects down to entry-level staff.  We can use on-, near-, and off-shore resources to staff these projects as the requirements and budget allow.

This approach follows the steps below.

  1. Assess project needs and the best approach
  2. Interview stakeholders and gather requirements
  3. Design and source a team
  4. Implement the solution
  5. Deliver solution
  6. Refine as needed through User Acceptance Testing

team managementOur virtual IT management service is an excellent way to bring leadership to your team quickly.  We work with you to find resources and build out your IT team. Throughout this process, our goal is to provide a competent team that is self-sufficient.  The staff is built on-site for the customer rather than one that is outsourced or virtual.  We feel strongly that there is value in having your own IT staff rather than being “locked in” to a vendor. This service provides you with a great IT team now while “teaching you to fish” so you can expand your team in the future.